Anke Eva Krüger

Vita Anke Eva Krüger

I was born in Germany on September, 4th, 1959, grew up in Morocco, Iraq and different cities in Germany. After I had studied Sports and German in order to become a teacher, I preferred to train dancing for 2 years, before I took a job in a music library at an international radio station for 5 years, which helped me to find out that I have to work self-employed… which lead me to the field of selling insurance policies and giving financial advice for 25 years, until 2015.  

Money is still a subject I keep researching, as I feel attracted to all the taboos, because they deliver deep truthfulness.

In 2001, I got in touch with the field via the first family constellation of my life, this did impress me by the consequences which showed up a few weeks later, but I wasn’t interested in working deeper with the field yet.


In 2008, right after my father had died, I experienced the first Dialogue WITH the morphic field, as I named it later, and knew immediately, that I had to learn this technique, what I did – pretty fast – in a seminar. I loved it and I had loads of questions, as I had to sort out the relationships with my family, with men, with the partners I used to work with as financial advisors, with myself and the universe. And I got clear, unexpected, and very helpful answers, as never before in my life. Afterwards I started offering that special dialogue to every person I was talking to and who was open, because I wanted to practice. 


In 2011, I met the field again while joining a rather academical seminar in a circle of physicians about mental healing – healing hands and kept smiling in those months, because I didn’t need any more theory or proof – I already knew, that the field does exist, and how to connect with it – and loved to practice that kind of healing, too, without any religious or scientific dogma.


In 2013, I gave my first speech about the Dialogue WITH the morphic field, which gave me the confirmation to be on the right path, and clients started consulting me.


In 2015 I found out that I do belong to that group of 20 % “highly sensitive persons” in the world, which felt like an illumination and relief at the same time.


In 2016, working with the dialogue finally turned out to become my main occupation. I started offering seminars for people who like to learn how to moderate a dialogue with the morphic field, published the first articles in German spiritual magazines: to honour Rupert Sheldrake, who’s probably the one who’s been doing the most intense research on morphic resonance; another article was about the Dialogue With the morphic field and another one about Stuart Wilde, who used to be “teacher’s teacher” and who still is my favourite teacher I keep recommending, as he has left us his loving view on the world and human beings, an outrageous sense of humour, and unmeasurable wisdom about living and spirits, as nobody else I’ve heard about yet. 


My motto is : bye bye drama! as there is no drama within the morphic field….


You can send me an e-mail, find me at facebook, and watch my videos I’ll start to publish in English, soon, at Youtube, “ Dialogue WITH the morphic field”


And I’ll be pleased to give you a mental coaching session via the Dialogue WITH the morphic field via phone or skype, if you are ready to ask and listen!