FAQS Dialogue

Questions and answers about the dialogue with the morphic field

Anke Eva Krüger                                   

Does the field give me any information if I guess that I do already know the answer or if I want to know something immediately?

No, because then you are not open to hear the news from the field. It doesn’t communicate if we are pressed for time. – The best access to the field happens if we are open and willing to admit „we don’t know anything, that’s why we like to contact the field.“

Do I have to give a report about the circumstances and situations around my questions, when I‘m asking the field?

No, the field knows all about you and all the other people and situations you were and are in. The less you tell, the more you‘ll get to know.

Is it possible to ask questions about other people, institutions or projects just because I’m curious?

Yes, but only if you are in relation with those people , institutions or projects and they have an impact on your life. If it is your intention to get the best solution for everyone who is concerned, – no matter what you want- you can ask everything.


Are the answers from the field valid forever ?

No, they are valid for now, respectively for the next few weeks, as you are planting new seeds into the field while you’re asking questions: you are ready to see things from a different angle.

May I ask questions concerning the feelings, thoughts and actions from deceased persons?

Yes, if you are not nosy but interested in healing old misunderstandings or wounds.

Is it possible that I‘ll be deranged after such a dialogue with the morphic field?

No, as you only get to know the amount and depth of information which you are able to cope with now. There is a kind of safety-belt around that dialogue with the field.

How often do I have to approach the morphic field until I get answers which are useful for my path ?

It depends on the way you’re asking your questions. If you ask in an airy way, you will receive airy answers. If you ask clearly and directly, you‘ll get clear and direct answers.

Usually it’s enough to have one basic dialogue with the morphic field for 1-1 ½ hours, meanwhile you can ask questions about all the areas of life you are interested in, e.g. relationships, career, family, finance, property, home, pets, business or other creations, health…

The field loves to give us some homework to do afterwards, which can be done later, by ourselves.

Some people consult the field only if they find themselves in weird situations, twice a year. Others wish to be attended for a period of a few months, as they’ve got quite a bit to sort out.

 Which impact does such a dialogue with the morphic field have ?

The morphic field does operate in silence. While you are monitoring those aspects of life you are questioning, you will realize and feel those situations and persons pretty close. Maybe you will let go some old story you’ve been hanging on for a while, you might forgive yourself and others, and the field will notice everything, your new attitude and will „tell“ others, that you’ve changed your mind.

Example: you are in trouble with one person, you can’t talk to her anymore. When you ask the field concerning her angle oft he situation, it might well be that she’ll be friendly the next time you meet, even without you had to talk to her directly.

In physics they say: the observed object changes while it is observed. – And the observer changes by observing the object, too.

Sometimes such a dialogue with the morphic field delivers us „only“ a confirmation of our anticipation. Then we get certainty, which creates a solid ground for our next steps.

Several clients told me about beneficial surprises which happened right after the dialogue with the field.

Will I still be capable to come to a decision by myself after I’ve experienced such a dialogue with the field?

As soon you’ve experienced such a dialogue with the field you will know, deep within you, that the field does exist and you know whether the answers from the field are accurate or not. Then you don’t have to believe in anything because you know it.

This is comfortable, because then you know, that there is an order in the universe and that there are connections between all the areas of life and between all of us, which you can and do affect.

We can cultivate that by ourselves, too, by questioning our beliefs and opinions from time to time…

If you gain access to my morphic field- why can’t I do this by myself ?

I have learned that (2008 ) , and you can learn it, too! ( I can teach you J)

But we all have that blind spot which we can’t see / don‘t like to face, by ourselves, that’s why it’s easier to ask another person to moderate such a dialogue with the field for us.

If we are really cool and not eager to achieve any result, it is possible to work with the field- but our ego is always around..

How do I know that you are honest and discreet – why should I trust you ?

As soon as we start talking to each other, you will know who and how I am, because the dialogue with the morphic field forces us to be sincere, if we really want to benefit from it.

I love it and I live it 24 hrs / day, because it is the easiest way to communicate. Nobody’s perfect!

Right after the dialogue I forget 95 % percent of everything we’ve been talking about, and the other 5 % disappear the day after.