Overview fees for a  dialogue with the morphic field, to be held via skype , zoom or phone – or in Munich if you are around..

You can transfer as you prefer right after our session; if you press the PayPal-button it will lead you to various options as credit card, even if you don’t have any paypal-account.

If your currency is € Im happy if you just send your money on my Bank account :

Anke Eva Krüger 

IBAN DE68 7603 0080 0240 4833 15


60 minutes : 199 € 90 minutes : 298 € 30 minutes : 119 €
the classic choice more only one topic


If you read the FAQs and watch my videos before we meet, you are well prepared and we can start directly.

If you like to book a session please send me an e-mail :

I’ll be pleased to moderating a dialogue with the morphic field  for you either on the phone, via Facebook messenger, Zoom or Skype.

When :

I like to celebrate one session a day. Not more. Monday til Friday.

QHHT Friday and Saturday.

Afternoon or early evening are my favourite hours with the field ! 

Just let me know two different times and dates you prefer, taking into account that you might need some quiet time after our session, too. 


The QHHT sessions are not allowed online and I wouldn’t do it online anyways. That’s why we have to wait until the world has changed for the better until you can come to my place for that gorgeous journey. ( 499 € ) .

But you can contact me already so we can get ready 🙂