YOU are longing for clarity..regarding

  • yourself
  • your relationships
  • business
  • finance
  • or whatever else,  in the past or near future
  • You are open to hearing different, wondrous perspectives concerning old and new subjects.
  • YOU are looking for inspiration and guidance in order to make the best decision for your own sake and everybody involved, in any given situation e.g.:
  • in choosing the right workplace, friends, business or private partners, new staff members or the place to live at
  • while founding or restructuring a company or a creative project or
  • for your personal or creative evolution.

YOU love honest advice and information, even if it may be unflattering. You know that honesty gives us the unique chance to take great steps forward, helping us to find peace.

Then the “Dialogue WITH the morphic field “, which I‘ve moderated countless times since 2008, might help you!

December 2019
Anke Eva

In this field, everything, every wisdom about ourselves and our ancestors, all the situations we’ve have been going through, including every one of our  thoughts and feelings, are stored.

Everything stays there forever.

And we are allowed to ask for any information so long it is of concern to us!

This „knowing field“ – ” other world “ has been established by the Shamans.

Nowadays the field is quite popular while practicing system- and family constellation therapies ( Bert Hellinger ).

The field is also known as the “Akasha Record ” and as morphic/ morphogenetic fields, according to Rupert Sheldrake ( about whom I’ve published an article in German, 2016 ).

Mental coaching by the means of “Dialogues with the Morphic Field” spares you countless hours of  guesswork, time and money.

AND: it is possible to solve conflicts with others without talking to them in person.

All you have to do is to ask the right question. It is part of my role while moderating the dialogue to help you to expressing what you really want to say and ask for.

We can work together via phone, skype or zoom, if you are not in Munich/ Germany.

Please get in touch with me via e-mail anke@ankeevakrueger.de

Disclaimer:  all information given places you under no obligation to take action based on guidance given in the mental coaching by the means of the dialogue with the Morphic Field. Spiritual causes of ill health should not take the place of conventional medicine, please consult your general practitioner.