A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session with Anke Eva is good for you if

. you like to take a couple of hours off for your soul, body and mind

. you love to relax completely and are able to trusting deeply in Anke Evas guidance to enable her to hypnotise you ( while you’ll still be able to drink something / go to the toilet ) for about 100 minutes

. you appreciate the exclusive attention of one person who will be staying with you for 4-5 hours, talking with you and keeping her eyes on you

“Anke Eva invited me into her space warmly and openly. I felt comfortable to share deep wounds from my life and bring that vulnerability into the session. Anke Eva balances guidance and freedom, giving space for curiosity and the unknown. She held the space wonderfully to allow me to find my own insights and connections and offer her own.” M.

. you wish to reflect your deepest experiences in life so far and are looking for answers you could not find yet. Maybe you don’t even know which questions you could ask, but Anke Eva knows.

. you’ve got further questions concerning your family, friends, partner, ancestors, pets, real estate, business, companies, travel, education, creative projects or your psyche or health and appreciate clear answers.

August 2019
August 2019   Anke Eva . You will answer your questions by yourself while you are hypnotised,  and they will be recorded digitally.

You are interested in experiencing 3 past life regressions in order to
..being surprised to discover which lives are showing up because they’ve got important information for you, now

..exploring patterns which are showing up in your current life, too and
..getting information about the most important people in your current life who might have been with you before

You are looking forward to experiencing the body scan, processed by your “Subconscious” as Dolores Cannon used to call it, which is the “field” to me, and could be called higher self or however you like, to name it.

While the body scan is activated and you are enjoying the deep relaxation ( without any touch ) Anke Eva will be  interviewing your “Subconscious” concerning your health, and you can listen to the answers, spoken by your own voice, later on the digital recording.

It takes some time until we get to understand everything what has been said within that intense session. Therefore it’s great to have the recording forever..


Why I chose the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique as tool besides the dialogue with the morphic field

I love practical, deep and classical methods which have been proven to be helpful for uncountable people in the world, improving their lives on any level : soul, body and mind.
Dolores Cannon has been developing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique within more than 40 years. She wrote about 18 books about her experiences with clients. Her daughter Julia is still running the QHHT Academy in the U.S.A, that’s why I could learn the Technique in 2019.

I’ve learned and loved it very fast, because I’ve been practicing the dialogue with the morphic field since 2008, which is the skill to ask accurate questions which provide the best answers.

I’m very fascinated by the option of travelling by the means of spirit and helping other people to get information they couldn’t access if they would only ask their mind.
True information and Communication are the foundation to creating a healthy future, for the individual and the collective.
If you like to experience a QHHT session with me, please send me an e-mail anke@ankeevakrueger.de .
We can arrange that as soon we’ll be allowed to meet again, hopefully soon. Blessings, xx Anke Eva March 31, 2020