references – dialogue with the morphic field

2020 August IT is “only” speaking through me. Its not “me” who is able to help you. I am very grateful for that divine connection. IT has a great sense of humour, too. There is no drama in the field !

QHHT session :

“Anke Eva invited me into her space warmly and openly. I felt comfortable to share deep wounds from my life and bring that vulnerability into the session. Anke Eva balances guidance and freedom, giving space for curiosity and the unknown. She held the space wonderfully to allow me to find my own insights and connections and offer her own.” M.


” Anke Eva led me through a dialogue with the morphic field, the source of our being (call it Spirit or the universal intelligence) which provides answers and wise guidance for our lives. Anke Eva assisted me to relax, to be open, and to phrase my questions in an optimal way. The energy of our session was at once dynamic and deeply nourishing. If you are considering a session with Anke Eva, give yourself this exhilarating and illuminating gift. ”             MLS  ( USA )

“Anke Eva provided me with important insights regarding both my professional and personal life. She has been accurate on both fronts to give me guidance that was thorough, practical and concrete. Although our first languages are different, I was easily able to understand everything she said. Many thanks, Eva!  ”                   Laura Leslie

” It was a truly profound and life changing healing experience. I’m looking forward to learning this technique from you.”      D.P., Psychologist ( USA) July 2018 ( She made it , came to Germany in October 2019 and learned it within 2 days  ! )